Lukashenko urgently took his entire family to Turkey!

The self-proclaimed president of Belarus, Oleksandr Lukashenko, took his entire family to Turkey.

This is reported by the opposition Belarusian mass media.

The plane with relatives of the Belarusian dictator landed at 5 am. The business jet flew a strange route and, it seems, specially bypassed the regions of the Russian Federation affected by the rebellion.

The board was previously used very often by Lukashenka’s relatives, but it is currently unknown whether he himself was on board.

It is also reported that Lukashenko himself did not appear in public yesterday. Among his top propagandists, there is an “alarming” mood.

Everyone is afraid of the consequences of the rebellion of the Wagnerites and Prigozhin and urges them to believe and focus only on Lukashenka.

Lukashenko urgently took his entire family to Turkey!
EW-301PJ flew to Turkey. Screenshot of RadarBox

As you know, a military coup has begun on the territory of the aggressor state of the Russian Federation. The leader of the “Wagner” mercenaries, Prigozhin, declared that he would deal with the military leadership of the state and destroy all who stand in his way.

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