DragonFire combat laser

In Britain, the results of the DragonFire combat laser were shown.

The UK says it has successfully tested laser weapons against aerial targets for the first time.

The DragonFire’s range is classified, but it is a line-of-sight weapon that can hit any visible target, has highest accuracy and low long-term costs – less than £10 per shot.

DragonFire combat laser


“The accuracy required is equivalent to hitting a £1 coin from a kilometer away. Laser-guided energy weapons can hit targets at the speed of light and use an intense beam of light.”

“To penetrate the target, resulting in structural failure or greater consequences if the warhead hits the target,” the British government says.

The kingdom’s army is considering the use of lasers for air defense.

Defense Secretary Grant Shapps is already talking about a possible revolution in the battlespace

The published photos show the results of the laser’s operation – it burned through a 120-mm mortar shell, cut the metal casing and burned the drone’s camera.

DragonFire combat laser

DragonFire combat laser

DragonFire was successfully tested in January of this year.

The laser is stated to be very accurate with a direct beam, can hit visible targets at the speed of light, and is very cheap to use.

Video. Tests of the DragonFire combat laser.