Ukraine to get new drones with firearms

Ukraine to get new drones with firearms

It has become known that the USA will give Ukraine advanced attack drones with firearms on board.

This is reported by Defense Industry Europe

Feloni Aero will offer the Ukrainian military drones that can be equipped with a 5.56 mm machine gun.

The drones are also fitted with anti-tank missiles and advanced surveillance equipment.

There are two types of drones:

Felon 1.0:
➡️ is armed with a 5.56 mm cannon;
➡️ is designed to gain dominance in the sky;
➡️ comes in handy for reconnaissance missions, perimeter security or counter-terrorism operations.
➡️ FelonX:
➡️ equipped with an anti-tank missile

Spike [an Israeli-made anti-tank weapon that competes with the FGM-148 Javelin]; 
➡️ compact and reasonably payloadable;
➡️ exact technical specifications are not given

Earlier in the network appeared a video of fighting with drones in the Chinese army. Chinese soldiers have begun training in shooting down combat drones.

They are also being trained to take cover from drones while interacting with their FPV drones.