Zelenskyy and Roberta Metsola press conference was interrupted by an air alert

The press conference of Volodymyr Zelensky and European Parliament President Roberta Metsola in Kiev was interrupted by an air raid siren.

“How are you feeling, Roberta?” the Ukrainian president asked.

“I’m concerned,” Roberta Metsola replied.

“This is the May 9 parade the Nazis have going on right now. This is their real attitude to peace and the fight against Nazism,” Zelensky summarized.

Also, the Ukrainian leader said that Putin is not going to stop; he lives in the information aquarium built by his own special services.

Putin thinks that the West can be split, and all values are just words.

“Is it possible to stop Putin? We have to. It is absolutely necessary, because it will go further. We all learned the history of the Soviet Union, geography, so it is clear where he will go next.”

“He does not want to lose the life he built in the Kremlin, so it is absolutely clear who we are fighting,” said Vladimir Zelensky.