American BMP Bradley vs. Russian T-80 tank

American BMP Bradley vs. Russian T-80 tank

The Russian army is missing one more T-80 tank. This is reported by the Ukrainian Ground Forces.

The Ukrainian military showed how they destroy Russian equipment in battle using a TOW anti-tank missile.

The American-made Bradley infantry fighting vehicle under the control of the Ukrainian military defeated the Russian T-80 tank in a “duel”.

A targeted shot from an anti-tank missile mounted on the Bradley turned the Russian vehicle into scrap metal.

The Bradley infantry fighting vehicle is in service with the mechanized forces of the US Army.

The BMP is designed for combat from a vehicle, fire support and transportation of infantrymen on the battlefield.

It is armed with the M242 Bushmaster 25mm automatic cannon and has a 300-round ammunition capacity.

Also in the arsenal of the Bradley are fragmentation, armor-piercing ammunition and a TOW launcher.

Additional armament is the M240C machine gun paired with the cannon.

More than 200 Bradley BMPs have been delivered to Ukraine as part of US military aid.