Stephen King urged Zelenskyy and Putin to fight one-on-one

Stephen King urged Zelenskyy and Putin to fight one-on-one

American writer Stephen King believes that Vladimir Zelensky and dictator Vladimir Putin should “settle their differences”.

He called on the opponents to fight one-on-one. About this, he wrote in the social network X.

Stephen King, known for his constant support of Ukraine, made a new statement.

He emphasized that Putin and Vladimir Zelensky should stop killing people.

King suggests that Putin and Zelenskyy should have a fight between themselves to settle all differences.

The writer believes that the Ukrainian president would win in a hand-to-hand fight, and he would like to see it.

King also suggests charging to watch the fight

“I think Putin and Zelensky ought to stop killing people and settle their differences mano a mano on Pay Per View. I’d love to see Mr. Z kick Putin’s ass” wrote the king of horror.

Earlier, the star of “The Lord of the Rings,”, American actor Viggo Mortensen, recorded a video in support of Ukraine.

“Putin is an occupier. The seizure of territories is inexcusable for me. I support the people of Ukraine and their desire for territorial integrity. Long live free Ukraine,” Viggo Mortensen stated.