A girl accidentally found out about her lover’s infidelity

The girl accidentally found out about her lover’s infidelity during their vacation on a cruise ship.

This moment Kayla Gardner shared on her TikTok.

A friend of the girl took a video of the two of them watching TV from their cabin, where a live stream of what was happening elsewhere on the ship was being broadcast.

At one point, Kayla noticed her partner getting cozy with another woman in a bikini on the deck. He also asked for a phone number.

In the video, the stranger is seen placing her hand on the man’s arm and he moves closer to her to look at something over the railing, putting his arm around her shoulders.

Kayla and his friends look at the screen in horror, squealing and shouting their outrage at the situation.

Kayla later shared that she returned home and kicked the boyfriend out by throwing him out the window.

However, while some users were very worried about the developments, others were convinced that the story was made up for the sake of views and preferences.