Пригожин фактично оголосив початок військового перевороту у Росії



Prigozhin actually announced the beginning of a military coup in Russia

The leader of the mercenaries, Prigozhin, actually announced the beginning of a military coup in Russia.

He stated that the “Wagner” commanders’ council had decided to crack down on the military leadership of the Russian Federation and declared that he would destroy anyone who stood in his way.

The conflict between Prigozhin and the Ministry of Defense of the aggressor state of the Russian Federation is rapidly escalating.

Today, “Wagner” mercenaries reported an attack on their rear camp and published a video of its consequences.

“According to information from the locations, the blow was struck from the rear, that is, by the military of the Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation,” – stated in the message of “Wagner” publications.

Prigozhin also commented on the published footage. He, in fact, accused the Russian Ministry of Defense of the strike.

He also stated that “we were ready to make concessions to the Ministry of Defense, surrender our weapons and find a solution on how we will continue to defend our country.” But “we were meanly deceived.”

“These scoundrels launched rocket attacks on our rear camps. A huge number of our soldiers died. We will decide how to respond to this crime. The next step is up to us,” Prigozhin said.

Video. Shelling of Russian mercenaries “Wagner” by Russian military personnel

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