Kadyrov looked bad at Putin’s inauguration

Chechnya’s head, Ramzan Kadyrov, at Putin’s inauguration, had difficulty taking off his coat: he was helped by two of his guards.

On social networks, users’ opinions were divided.

Many believe that Kadyrov was playing to the public, while others agreed that his health is very bad.

Several Russian opposition media outlets wrote that the Chechen leader was suffering from pancreatic necrosis.

Pointing out that doctors first diagnosed Kadyrov with pancreatic necrosis back in January 2019.

The Kremlin leadership now faces a serious problem – how to prepare for a change of power in Russia’s most difficult region.

It has been reported that Apti Alaudinov, head of the Chechen special forces, is already being prepared to replace Kadyrov.

He was recently appointed deputy head of the Russian Defense Ministry’s Main Directorate for Military and Political Work.

Pancreatitis – inflammation of the pancreas; that is, there is destruction and die-off of the tissues of the gland; the destructive processes take over the surrounding tissues.

When Moscow was inaugurating another term for the Russian dictator, a giant monument to Putin in shackles was erected in The Hague in front of the UN court.

The sculpture is called “Putin Jail: Prison, not Kremlin”. The author of the work is sculptor Jacques Tilly.

Earlier, it was reported that Putin’s eldest daughter received a billion rubles profit from deals with Gazprom.

Maria Vorontsova (Putin) received 700,000 rubles monthly as a salary, and 232 million rubles as a co-owner of the company Nomeko.