Scholz laughed when asked about the Taurus missiles

German Chancellor Olaf Scholz has laughingly answered the question of why Ukraine is not given Taurus long-range missiles. This is reported by Bild

Footage of the Chancellor’s meeting with residents of the city of Lüneburg was published, where he was asked why Germany does not send missiles to Ukraine.

“There are weapons that can only be supplied if control is maintained over everything that is done with them. And here you can’t have a debate as if between friends: “Don’t you trust me?” Of course, I trust my friend. But still, I wouldn’t give everyone all the guns,” he said and laughed.

Bild columnist Julian Levenich called such a move by the chancellor “a tasteless joke at the expense of the Ukrainians,” as the Ukrainian people face death from Russian missiles every day and have high hopes for the Taurus.

“The effect of this laughable speech: the Chancellor is once again making a crack at the Ukrainians. Although she sees them as friends. But apparently doesn’t trust them enough to supply the weapons they need,” Julian commented.

Earlier, it was reported that German Chancellor Olaf Scholz had started his own TikTok channel.

He laughingly promised not to record dancing videos there, although he likes to dance and such videos are very popular on this social network.