Ukraine will be given modified JDAM bombs

Ukraine will be given modified JDAM bombs

US to transfer modified JDAM bombs to Ukraine. This is reported by The War Zone.

The Pentagon has signed a $23.5 million contract with SARA to buy sensors for detecting electronic jamming and install them on JDAM-ERs.

It is expected that some of the kits, along with the bombs, will be delivered to Kyiv.

The contract amounted to $23.5 million. Under its terms, at least part of the kits will go to Ukraine.

The Pentagon notes that the work will take place in California and St. Louis.

The quantity of ammunition and the terms of its delivery were not disclosed.

“Timely and sufficient decisions on air defense for Ukraine, timely delivery of weapons for our warriors – this is what is needed right now to protect life,” said Volodymyr Zelenskyy.

The Ukrainian president added that the daily deliberate Russian terror against people can be stopped, and the partners have all the necessary systems and weapons for Ukraine to be able to do it.

Russian Federation. has shelled peaceful cities and regions of Ukraine 380 times in the last week alone.

Earlier, it was reported that Ukraine may receive the latest combat drones with firearms and anti-tank missiles mounted on them.

The new drone from Felony Aero has a 5.56 mm machine gun on board.