Unique behavior of animals bouncing in the air

Unique behavior of animals bouncing in the air

Stotting is an interesting behavior of many four-legged animals.

Stotting is a unique behavior in which animals leap into the air, lifting all four limbs off the ground.

Many hypotheses have been proposed to explain this behavior, but few of them have unequivocal evidence.

However, among the theories proposed, one is the most likely to explain this behavior.

It is supposedly a signal to predators, indicating that it will be extremely difficult to catch a fleeing animal.

This hypothesis is supported by observations of the behavior of predators, which often give up trying to hunt bouncing prey.

In addition, stotting may serve a playful function, especially in young animals.

Play is an important aspect of learning for young animals and can help them develop the skills they need to survive into adulthood.

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The new invention allows you to perceive the surrounding colors as animals see them.