The House of Representatives did not support Speaker Mike Johnson's resignation

The House of Representatives did not support Speaker Mike Johnson’s resignation

It became known that the U.S. House of Representatives did not support the resignation of its Speaker, Mike Johnson. This is reported by Reuters.

Against the initiative of Marjorie Taylor Green voted both Republicans and Democrats – 359 against and 43 in favor.

She introduced the initiative because of Johnson’s decision to put the bill on aid to Ukraine to a vote.

“I appreciate the show of confidence from my colleagues to defeat this misguided effort. I hope this is an end to the character assassination that characterizes the current Congress,” Johnson said after the vote.

Earlier, Johnson’s resignation was opposed by Donald Trump.

He persuades Congresswoman Marjorie Taylor Green to give up trying to oust Speaker Mike Johnson.

The former president spoke privately with Green over the weekend and urged her to drop her campaign to oust Johnson.

Green held a meeting with Johnson this week, following which she published a post on social media X.

She said that she particularly expects the speaker to promise not to give more money to Ukraine.