Social media login after push-ups

Social media login after push-ups

Logging into social media after 20 push-ups is a new motivation for workouts.

A new app that not only helps you control your screen time, but also gives you effective tools to fight phone addiction.

For example, the program will block access to social networks until you push up the number of times you set.

The program will also make sure that everything is done correctly when logging into social networks.

Digital minimalism and conscious information consumption have been proven to be important factors in health and wellness.

And if you add in regular exercise, the health benefits are guaranteed.

Today, people spend a lot of time in front of gadget screens.

But their prolonged use can lead to serious health problems, including such phenomenon as screen apnea.

Screen apnea is a temporary suspension of breathing or shallow breathing in people who fix their gaze too long and diligently on the screen of an electronic device.

The phenomenon is named for its analogy to normal apnea, a brief cessation of breathing during sleep.