Майк Пенс на дебатах просто "розмазав" свого опонента Рамасвамі

Mike Pence at the debate just “broke” his opponent Ramaswami

Member of the Republican Party Mike Pence simply “broke” the opponent Vivek Ramaswami in the new debate.

“How can you not understand that if the Russian Federation defeats Ukraine, this is the main threat to NATO and the United States.”

Former US Vice President and best friend of our country said that the US should send weapons to Ukraine.

So that later in the future, they would not be forced to send American soldiers to fight in other NATO states.

Pence also called his rival in the debate a “communist”, and the president of the aggressor state, Putin, a murderer and dictator.

After these words, he broke the applause of the audience present in the studio who came to the debate.

The day before, Russian dictator Putin commented for the first time on the crash of Wagner planes.

During his speech, he confirmed the death of the head of the mercenaries, Prigozhin.