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Advertisers are running away from Elon Musk!

Recently, there has been an increase in the number of large brands and companies that have stopped advertising on X (formerly Twitter).

This all stems from Elon Musk’s recent post endorsing a popular anti-Semitic conspiracy theory.

Musk agreed with the view that Jewish organizations “oppose” the white population of Western countries by supporting minority policies.

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After these scandalous statements, it became known that advertising campaigns on Musk’s social network suspended their activities.

These are major film companies such as Disney, Lionsgate, Paramount and Sony Pictures. Previously, this was done by Apple, IBM, Oracle and some others.

Elon Musk was accused of anti-Semitism and posting pro-Nazi publications in X. The reason was that the businessman supported such a publication by another user.

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Advertisers are running away from Elon Musk