Ілон Маск назвав Володимира Зеленського "м'ясником"



Elon Musk called Vladimir Zelensky a “butcher”

Elon Musk, previously noted for other scandalous statements, called Vladimir Zelensky a “butcher”

This is how Musk described the President of Ukraine in one of the audio rooms on the X network (formerly Twitter).

“I think that Zaluzhny is definitely someone who values the lives of his people. And he looks at what is really happening soberly.”

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“Zelensky has been living in his reality as a butcher for a long time, and this reality does not correspond to reality,” Musk said.

Maybe someone will remind the idiot Musk that Russia attacked Ukraine and the representatives of this particular terrorist state are acting as butchers here.

And the main butcher in this war, which he unleashed on the territory of Ukraine, sits in a bunker, and his name is Vladimir Putin.

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