Missile attack on Russia's Belbek airfield

Missile attack on Russia’s Belbek airfield

SAM-S-400, 2 MiG-31 airplanes were destroyed at the Russian military airfield Belbek.

The missile attack on occupied Crimea managed to destroy a lot of military equipment.

2 Russian servicemen were killed, 13 were injured. This is reported by the publication ASTRA, citing sources in the Russian emergency services.

Also, allegedly, closer to the morning of May 15, a missile hit the S-400 “Triumf” SAM system already near the village of Vishnevoye.

Missile attack on Russia's Belbek airfield
Destroyed S-400 SAM missile launcher

After the attack, the SAM caught fire. 2 servicemen were killed, 2 were wounded.

It is also reported that, as a result of the missile strike, a fuel and lubricants depot at the airfield was burned down.

During the missile strike, 11 Russian servicemen were injured.

Later, it was reported that there was also a direct hit on the main warehouse of missile-artillery armament (v/ч 80189).

This warehouse stored most of the missiles for the Su-27, Su-30 and MiG-31 airplanes.

It is these missiles that are being fired at peaceful towns in Ukraine.

The video shows a missile attack on the Russian Belbek airfield in occupied Crimea.