Over 100 drones have struck Russia

Over 100 drones have struck Russia

In Russia, combat drones attacked the Black Sea Fleet’s main port in Novorossiysk

Also under attack were:

Novorossiysk fuel oil terminal and a Transneft facility. Public transportation is not working in the city, and there is no electricity.

Crimea. In Sevastopol, there were also explosions, in the city partially lost light.

In Tuapse, a local oil refinery came under attack. A fire broke out there after the explosions.

The Russian Defense Ministry said 102 drones were allegedly shot down that night.

In occupied Sevastopol, classes in schools and kindergartens have been canceled due to the lack of power supply.

Which is known to have been disrupted after a hit on the Sevastopol power substation.

Earlier, 2 MiG-31 aircraft, an S-400 SAM system and a fuel depot were destroyed after a missile strike on Russia’s Belbek airfield.