Attempts on the life of Slovak Prime Minister Robert Fitzo

Attempts on the life of Slovak Prime Minister Robert Fico

First seconds after the assassination attempt on Slovak Prime Minister Robert Fico.

The footage shows security guards lifting the wounded Fico and leading him to the car. The police are at this moment trying to apprehend the attacker.

What is known about the assassination attempt:

Fico was wounded in the town of Gandlova, where a government retreat was being held.

The attacker mingled with the crowd and shot Fico several times as he approached his supporters to shake hands. The gunman was apprehended

Fitzo was wounded 2 or 3 times, tentatively in the chest and abdomen, he was urgently hospitalized.

Media reports say that Fico condition is serious.

A helicopter promptly flew to the scene and hospitalized Fico, who takes the injured prime minister to a hospital in Bratislava.

In social networks, write that the politician is wounded in the abdomen.

The photo shows the alleged moment of detention of the attacker.

Attempts on the life of Slovak Prime Minister Robert Fitzo

Fico life is in no danger after the assassination attempt, the Slovak media reported.

He has already been taken to the hospital. The hospital said he was conscious, and his vital functions were stabilized.

It has become tentatively known that the assailant of Robert Fitzo is a well-known Slovak writer, Juraj Cintula.

In addition to his main activity, he was an activist of the liberal party “Progressive Slovakia”.

Juraj Cintula

Earlier, the Ukrainian Foreign Ministry reacted to a statement by Slovak Prime Minister Fitzo, who called on Kiev to give up some of its territories for the sake of peace.