A camera that allows you to see the world through the eyes of animals

A camera that allows you to see the world through the eyes of animals

Scientists have created a new type of camera that allows people to see the world the way animals see it.

This technology opens up new possibilities for studying animal behavior.

The camera is equipped with special filters and sensors that simulate the vision of various species of animals, including birds, insects and sea creatures.

It allows us to reproduce the unique features of animal vision, such as the ability to see ultraviolet or polarized light.

This allows us to better understand how animals perceive the world around them.

This video shows an iridescent peacock feather through the eyes of four different animals.

The new device is capable of reproducing colors with 92% accuracy of what animals see.

“Old methods of spectrophotometry could not provide such incredible accuracy, which can be achieved using the new camera system,” the inventors emphasized, acknowledging certain shortcomings of the development.

The method has some limitations, such as the need to use manual focus or problems keeping a fast-moving subject in focus. However, they are already working on solving the problems.

The development of this video camera is an important step in the field of biology and ethology. It will help scientists study the behavior of animals in their environment, as well as understand how they adapt to changes in their environment.