Ukrainian military destroys rare Russian T-90S tank

The Ukrainian military has destroyed a T-90 tank of the Russian army in the Donetsk direction.

A combat drone of the military of the 116th separate brigade of territorial defense destroyed a rare Russian T-90S.

This is reported by military journalist Yuri Butusov.

After dropping and explosion of a grenade in the combat compartment of the tank started a powerful fire that completely destroyed the enemy combat vehicle

A Russian T-90 tank in the so-called export configuration – the T-90S, equipped with a minesweeper and REB equipment.

“The T-90S were mainly supplied under contracts to India, but some of the tanks remained in the Russian Federation,” the journalist reported.

Earlier, an unusual Russian “turtle tank” was spotted on the front line.

The Russian military is modifying its tanks to protect them from Ukrainian drones during attacks.