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Interesting facts and ghosts of the White House!

Construction of the residence of the Presidents of the United States of America began on October 13, 1792, and in 1902 it received the name “White House”.

ghosts of the White House

Why White House?

At the initiative of President Theodore Roosevelt, it was painted white, so it officially received the name “White House”.

Thus, he distinguished between the apartments of the US President and the mansions of state governors.

History of the Oval Office

In 1909, a study room for presidents was built. The oval shape was associated with the English court tradition of guests gathering in a circle.

From the Oval Office, US presidents address the people in case of emergency events (for example, John Kennedy addressed the Cuban Missile Crisis, and George W. Bush after the terrorist attack of September 11, 2001).

oval office

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First Lady’s office in the bunker

During World War II, President Franklin D. Roosevelt established an underground bunker now known as the Presidential Emergency Operations Center.

It also serves as an office for the First Lady and her staff.

Pets in the White House

At various times, their pets lived with the presidents in the White House.

President Hoover, for example, kept two alligators, Jefferson kept a mockingbird.

The current President Joe Biden has a German shepherd named Commander; she is not known for her friendly disposition, but has already bitten several people.

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 Biden with a dog

Ghosts of the White House

Information also appeared that several world leaders saw the ghost of the 16th US President Abraham Lincoln in the White House.

Members of the presidential family often played pranks on guests by pretending to be Lincoln’s ghost.

Abraham Lincoln
Abraham Lincoln