“Discrediting the Russian army” because of hair color

It became known that a protocol was drawn up against a resident of Moscow for “discrediting the army of the Russian Federation”.

All this happened because of yellow-blue-green hair, the color of which resembles the flag of Ukraine.

It is known that on April 27, Muscovite Stanislav Netesov was attacked at the metro station in the center of Moscow.

“Discrediting the Russian army” because of hair color

Unknown robbers stole his phone and knocked out his tooth.

The injured guy went to the police to report the beating and theft, but ran into new problems.

The police felt that the color of his hair “refers to the flag of Ukraine” and “discredits the Russian army.”

In addition, the victim was served with a summons and threatened that he would “kiss his native land in the trenches”.

Video taken in the Moscow subway before the guy was attacked.