Russia will be poorer than Turkmenistan, the IMF predicts

Russia will be poorer than Turkmenistan, the IMF predicts

The International Monetary Fund predicts a global decline in living standards in the Russian Federation, whose economy is being destroyed by war and sanctions.

This was announced by the IMF, reports The Moscow Times.

According to IMF estimates, Russia now ranks 68th in the world in terms of GDP per capita, which is considered an indicator of the level of economic activity and quality of life of citizens.

Last year, Russia’s economy produced $13,648 GDP per capita.

This is 6 times less than the United States ($81,632), four times less than Germany ($52,726), and almost 10 times less than world leader Luxembourg ($129,810).

With the current figures, Russia is below Panama ($18,725), Argentina ($14,024), Bulgaria ($15,854) and Hungary ($22,146) in the world ranking.

In the next three years, according to the IMF forecast, Russia’s per capita GDP will grow to $15,146.

And Russia will fall back to the eighth ten countries, passing Kazakhstan ($15,964 GDP by 2027) and Turkmenistan ($15,517 GDP by 2027).

In the future, this gap will only increase: by 2029, Russia’s GDP per capita will be $15,683, Kazakhstan’s $18,396, and Turkmenistan’s $18,202.

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