Борис Джонсон розкритикував дії НАТО!



Boris Johnson criticized the actions of NATO!

Former British Prime Minister Boris Johnson (who we call Johnsonyuk) criticized NATO’s actions for lack of decisiveness in relation to Ukraine.

He called on the West to immediately integrate the country into the Alliance.

According to Johnson, it was precisely such uncertainty that stimulated the president of the aggressor state of the Russian Federation to launch a large-scale invasion.

“What were they afraid of? When NATO leaders arrived in Vilnius this week, it was obvious what they should do. They had to be strong. This is the essence of NATO. They must demonstrate that Putin and his weapons do not frighten them,” the politician said. .

“No country has made more efforts than Ukraine to demonstrate readiness for NATO membership. No armed forces are effective in using NATO weapons. No country needs NATO membership anymore,” he said.

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