Лукашенко заявив що  «вагнерівці» хочуть йти на Польщу

Lukashenko said that the “Wagnerites” want to attack Poland

The self-proclaimed president of Belarus, Lukashenko, during a meeting with fellow dictator Putin, said that he was being strained by the “Wagnerites” who want to go to Poland.

“Perhaps I shouldn’t say it, but I will. The “Wagnerites” began to strain us. “I want to go to the West. Let us.” I tell you why, to the West?

“Well, go on an excursion to Warsaw, to Rzeszow. I keep them in the center, as agreed, of Belarus, I would not like to relocate them there, because their mood is bad,” he said.

Also, Lukashenko again began to talk about the intentions of the Poles to allegedly annex Western Ukraine.

Lukashenko said that the transfer of Ukrainian lands to Poland is unacceptable, “if Western Ukraine asks for help, we will provide it.”

According to the Belarusian dictator, now there is a lot of talk about Ukraine joining NATO “in parts” in order to tear off Western Ukraine in this way.