Україна повернула собі 50% захоплених ворогом територій



Ukraine regained 50% of the territories occupied by the enemy!

Ukraine returned to itself 50% of the territory seized by the state of the occupier of the Russian Federation.

This was stated by US Secretary of State Anthony Blinken

He stated that while Ukraine had recaptured half of the territory originally captured by the enemy during the invasion, Kyiv faced a “very tough fight” to recapture more.

“About 50% of the territory of Uhryn, which were captured, has already been returned,” Blinken said.

“This is still relative to the early days of the counteroffensive. It’s difficult. It won’t end within the next week or two. We’re still looking at, I think, a few months,” the US Secretary of State added.

Ukraine regained 50% of the territories occupied by the enemy

Earlier, the military of the Armed Forces of Ukraine eliminated the enemy lieutenant general Oleg Tsokov. The Russian occupier died near the temporarily occupied Berdyansk.

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