Pashinyan accused Azerbaijan of a desire for war

Pashinyan accused Azerbaijan of a desire for war

The Prime Minister of Armenia Pashinyan accused Azerbaijan of striving for a new war.

Yerevan proposes to carry out demarcation and division of the border under the 1991 agreement, urging Baku to withdraw troops from 31 villages, which Armenia considers his own.

Baku refuses this, demanding to return the territories that he considers occupied by Armenia in the 90s.

According to Pashinyan, the reason may be in the desire of Baku to “start hostilities.” Earlier, he announced the readiness of Yerevan to sign a peace treaty.

The day before, Azerbaijan President Aliyev said that “if Armenia does not regulate his laws, there will be no peace agreement,” and Azerbaijan “nothing will stop.”

The other day, on the border of the two countries, clashes passed, in which both sides accused each other.