A new-generation quadcopter has set a Guinness record

A new-generation quadcopter has set a Guinness record

Recently, renowned photographer Luke Bell from South Africa set a speed record on his homemade Peregreen quadcopter.

He covered a hundred-meter distance in both directions with an average speed of about 400 km/h.

But Bell didn’t stop there and decided to build an even faster machine.

Bell redesigned the aerodynamic scheme of the device, building a high-speed quadcopter from scratch, and broke his record.

In tests, the drone accelerated to 300 km/h in two seconds. Its top speed was 510 km/h.

However, when passing the test distance, the average speed over the four flights was 480 km/h.

This value was entered into the Guinness Book of World Records as a new achievement.

Peregreen-2 has a frame, tail and shell made of carbon fiber, most of the parts are made on a 3D printer.

It is powered by T-Motor Velox 3115 900KV T-Motor motors, APD 120A 12S speed controllers, and APC 7×11E propellers.

The power source is two 1800mAh Li-Po batteries under the control of a Matek HCS-150 controller.

The flight controller is a Matek F405-HDTE. Insta 360 Go 3 action cameras are installed in the transparent nose fairing to capture video of the record.