NASA cup allows you to drink coffee in zero gravity

Now you can drink like the astronauts with Spaceware Space Cups.

This is not just a cup, but the result of amazing engineering work by NASA that allows you to drink coffee in zero gravity.

The working principle of the cup is based on capillarity, similar to how water rises up the stem of a plant.

This allows the liquid to remain inside the cup rather than flying away in zero gravity.

As a result, the coffee “absorbs” into the cup, much like water being absorbed by a sponge.

The development of the cup took more than ten years and was carried out by astronaut Don Pettit, as well as mathematicians Paul Konkus and Robert Fins.

This cup makes life much easier for astronauts, allowing them to conveniently drink coffee, tea and other drinks in space.

And most importantly, it reduces the need to use special disposable drink bags.

This reduces the weight and volume of cargo on the spacecraft, saving valuable space.