Ukrainian military filmed a disk-shaped UFO

The Ukrainian military recorded the flight of a disc-shaped UFO hovering over the front line.

The Daily Mail reports this and publishes a video.

The UFO was spotted by soldiers of the 406th Brigade using a Mavic drone this month. Their drone was located at an altitude of more than 150 meters above sea level.

“What can they fire at us? Holy shit.” “What the hell is this?” “UFO”. “Anyway,” the military discusses behind the scenes and discusses whether this facility should be attacked.

It is reported that the object could be the size of a large ship and is located at a distance of more than 50 km.

The thermal imager showed that the UFO was warmer than its surroundings, but the technology produced a red “error message,” which prevented us from understanding more about the object.

This flying object is noted to bear a “striking resemblance” to a thin cylindrical object spotted over Iraq in May 2022 by a US Air Force Reaper drone’s infrared “thermal” camera.

Experts believe this could also be a case of the mirage phenomenon known as “Fata Morgana.” 

This mirage occurs when a top layer of warm air and a bottom layer of cold air create an “atmospheric channel” that refracts or bends light, creating reflections in the air.