Природа створює дивні міражі. Фата-моргана

Nature creates amazing mirages. Fata Morgana

Fata Morgana is a type of mirage that occurs when several layers of air with different densities form in the lower atmosphere due to differences in temperature.

These layers of air work like mirrors and lenses, reflecting and refracting light.

As a result of this configuration, light is refracted in an unusual way, and in fact existing objects project a series of distorted images on or above the horizon.

These images partially overlap each other, creating illusions. For example, they can create the appearance of ships floating in the air.

The term “Fata Morgana” comes from the name Morgani le Fay, a character in the medieval legends of King Arthur. Morgana, often described as a powerful witch and wizard.

She was known for her ability to create illusions and mirages, making people see things that aren’t there.