Трамп заявив що закінчить війну



Trump said he would end the war in Ukraine if he is elected president

Former US President Donald Trump has said he is going to stop the war in Ukraine if he is elected president.

This is reported by the publication Fox News.

“I will end the war between Ukraine and Russia in one day if I win the elections in 2024,” Trump said.

Trump also said that if he told Volodymyr Zelensky “that’s enough, you need to make an agreement with Putin.”

And to Putin, he would say “if you don’t make an agreement, we will give Ukraine a lot, more than they ever had, if we have to.”

At the same time, Trump assumes that the occupied territories will remain with Russia.

According to the latest Reuters / Ipsos polls, Trump loses 6% in support of Biden voters (Biden 44%, Trump 38%).

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