UK to transfer Paveway IV precision-guided aerial bombs to Ukraine

UK to transfer Paveway IV bombs to Ukraine

It has become known that the UK is sending laser-guided Paveway IV precision-guided aerial bombs to Ukraine.

This is reported by The Telegraph.

The aerial bomb carries a 500-pound high-explosive warhead and uses GPS and laser guidance for precision targeting.

The bombs can be mounted on US-made F-16 fighter aircraft or old Soviet planes.

It is known that the UK has allocated a new military aid package of 500 million pounds to Ukraine. This was reported by Rishi Sunak.

The package will include:

📍60 boats, including raid and diving boats;
📍 naval guns;
📍 over 1600 missiles, including additional Storm Shadow and air defense missiles;
📍 over 400 vehicles, including 160 Husky protected vehicles, 162 armored vehicles and 78 all-terrain vehicles;
📍 nearly 4 million rounds of small arms ammunition.

VIDEO. How Paveway IV laser-guided aerial bombs are used.