A loan from a bank on a dead uncle.

A loan from a bank on a dead uncle

A rather ridiculous case happened to a Brazilian woman, Erika de Souza Vieira Nunes from Rio de Janeiro.

The Brazilian tried to take a loan in the name of her dead uncle, whose body she brought to the local bank.

This is a reported METRO.

The incident occurred at the bank, located in the neighborhood of Bangu in the western part of Rio de Janeiro.

The woman entered the building with the body of her 68-year-old uncle, Paulo Roberto Braga, who was in a wheelchair.

Erika wanted to take out a loan of about €3k. When she went to draw up the paperwork, she pretended that her uncle was alive.

A video that appeared on social media shows her talking to Paulo, but he did not answer her. “Uncle, can you hear me? You have to sign.”

At one point, the woman even took her uncle’s hand to sign.

This strange behavior caught the attention of bank employees, and they called the police.