Olaf Scholz has started a channel on TikTok

Olaf Scholz has started a channel on TikTok

It became known that German Chancellor Olaf Scholz registered an account in the social network TikTok.

He promised not to record videos with dancing, although they are popular in this social network.

“I will not dance. I promise. #TikTok,” Scholz wrote in X announcing the news.

The chancellor’s official TikTok account has already posted two videos. One of them shows Scholz sitting at his desk to music.

It is reported that the Tik tok channel itself, called @TeamBundeskanzler, is intended to provide information about the work of Chancellor Olaf Scholz of the Federal Republic of Germany.

“The channel will offer a glimpse behind the scenes of everyday government life,” government speaker Steffen Gebestreit told a briefing.

According to him, with the help of the popular social network, the federal government wants to appeal primarily to young citizens who hardly use traditional media.

@teambundeskanzler Kommt Zeit, kommt Rat… #Bundeskanzler #Kanzler #OlafScholz ♬ Originalton – TeamBundeskanzler