Russian gunboats were destroyed in Crimea

Russian gunboats were destroyed in Crimea

Two Russian boats, KS-701 “Tuna” were reportedly hit at night in occupied Crimea.

This is reported by a number of Ukrainian media outlets, citing sources in Ukrainian intelligence.

The Tuna boat is diesel and has an aluminum hull. Its purpose depends on the modification.

The boats can be used both for patrol trips and the landing of military personnel.

Its length reaches 8.8 m, its width is 2.5 m, and its passenger capacity is 6–12 people.

Russian gunboats were destroyed in Crimea
Boats KS-701 “Tuna”

Such boats are mostly owned by Russian paratroopers, border guards and the Emergencies Ministry.

The Ukrainian intelligence official confirmed the destruction of two Russian boats.

A video of the defeat of the boats by marine drones was published.

The published footage shows Russian aviation trying to destroy Ukrainian maritime drones.

On May 30, 2024, a special unit of the Ukrainian Defense Ministry’s GUR “Group 13” attacked a Russian ship-and-boat formation in temporarily occupied Crimea with a Magura V5.

Earlier, the Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation said that two unmanned marine boats were hit.