Lava samples from an active volcano

Lava samples from an active volcano

This is how geologists collect lava samples from an active volcano.

Geologists, like superheroes on a scientific mission, approach a bubbling crater in special heat-resistant suits.

Using rock hammers, they carefully break off semi-frozen layers of lava and immediately place them in cold water.

This method prevents further crystallization and preserves the original structure of the lava.

The lava reaches temperatures of over, 1400°C and is so hot that it can burn even from a distance.

Such samples make it possible to study the composition of magma, predict eruptions and unlock the mysteries of Earth’s formation.

Earlier, in the network was published a video as lightning struck the top of the volcano Fuego in Guatemala.

The Fuego volcano is the largest volcano in the world, which can be very dangerous during an eruption.