What's going on with Lukashenko

What’s going on with Lukashenko?

Belarusian opposition journalists noticed that Alexander Lukashenko, who flew to Moscow, was standing on his feet with great effort.

Lukashenko appeared before the Russian media not in a business suit, and when answering questions, he held on to the porch structure.

This is reported by Charter97. Journalists write that over the past year, the Belarusian dictator has regularly started to show body tremors.

And Lukashenko’s press service tries not to bring the cameras closer when the dictator’s head starts to shake.

It is known that back in 2023 he became very ill, disappearing for five days. And on the May 9 parade, he visited Moscow, where they noticed a bandage on his arm.

Video. Moscow Parade 2023.

It is reported that when Lukashenko could not walk a few hundred meters, he was driven separately by an electric car.

When meeting with Putin at the recent CSTO summit in Minsk, Lukashenko was shaking strangely. Such trembling had never been caught on camera before.

Such tremors can be both a sign of aging and a symptom of illness or emotional stress.

Video April 11, 2024. Putin said during a meeting with Lukashenko that Russia responded to the Ukrainian series of strikes with a missile strike on Ukrainian energy.