Turkey proposes draft peace treaty to Russia and Ukraine

Turkey proposes draft peace treaty to Russia and Ukraine

It has become known that Turkey has offered Russia and Ukraine a new draft peace treaty.

The new treaty envisages freezing military operations along the current front line.

The news about Turkey’s “peace plan” turned out to be a fake; it was just another piece of Russian propaganda. We apologize to our readers.

This was reported by the Novaya Gazeta Europe, citing a source who familiarized himself with the document.

Turkey has proposed a new draft peace treaty to Russia and Ukraine that would freeze the war on the current front line
Screenshot of Novaya Gazeta news

The plan also includes the mandatory holding of referendums on the foreign policy course of the state in Ukraine in 2040.

It also includes holding referendums under international control on all Ukrainian territories that will be under Russian occupation at the time of the war freeze.

In addition, Ukraine, according to the document, will need to give guarantees of its non-bloc status until 2040.

And Russia will have to give up its objections to Ukraine’s accession to the EU. The plan also envisages an exchange of prisoners on the principle of “all for all”.