Russia's military is modifying its tanks

Russia’s military is modifying its tanks

The Russian army has started modifying its tanks to shield them from Ukrainian drone strikes during assaults at the frontline.

This was reported by the Ukrainian military website ArmyInform.

A video of one of such modified tanks was published by the Ukrainian military.

The footage shows an attempted enemy assault on Ukrainian positions near the village of Krasnogorovka in the Donetsk region.

The assault involves a column of four Russian armored vehicles led by an unusual tank.

It is reported that the tank has probably been clad with additional armor that covers the entire vehicle and protrudes along the tank’s cannon.

That said, the tank’s cannon does not have the ability to rotate during combat.

Ukrainian Lieutenant Colonel Nazar Voloshyn said that the Russians are trying to stuff REB equipment under this armor.

Earlier it was reported that the Russian military was running out of armored vehicles. During an assault, they put up to 24 soldiers on one tank. It is currently known that 7,087 Russian tanks have been destroyed since the beginning of the war.