The UK army has lifted its ban on beards

The UK army has lifted its ban on beards

It has become known that in the UK has been canceled a century-old ban on wearing beards and mustaches in the ranks of the British army.

This is reported by The Guardian.

Now officers and soldiers have the right to let go of facial hair, but there is a condition – they must be neatly trimmed and cared for.

It is reported that General Sir Patrick Saunders decided to cancel this ban, and King Charles III signed the relevant document.

This came after a poll showed that the majority of the military believed that soldiers should be allowed to wear beards.

Under the new policy, only “full beards” between 2.5mm and 25.5mm in length are allowed. No artificial colors are allowed under the rules.

And hair must be trimmed at the neck and cheekbones, with no spots or uneven growth.

The UK army has lifted its ban on beards
The Royal Navy has long allowed facial hair. Photo: Andrew Matthews/PA.

The Army’s previous stance contrasted with that of the Royal Navy, which allowed sailors to wear thick beards and moustaches provided they had the approval of their commanding officer.

Explaining the new rules. Warrant Officer 1st Class Paul Carney told the soldiers that their beards were subject to inspection and must be kept clean.