Russia has no chance to seize all of Ukraine, but it can seize more territory – Musk

If the war drags on for a long time, Ukraine could lose even more territory as well as access to the Black Sea, Ilon Musk said.

Ilon Musk wrote about it on his X page.

“The longer the war goes on, the more territory Russia will gain until it reaches the Dnieper River, which will be difficult to overcome,” he said.

“However, if the war lasts long enough, Odessa will fall as well. In my opinion, the main question is whether or not Ukraine will lose all access to the Black Sea,” the American billionaire said.

According to Musk Russia has no chance to seize all of Ukraine, as local resistance in the west will be extremely strong, but Russia will certainly gain more land than it has today.

“I recommend a negotiated settlement before that happens,” Musk added.

He also said that supposedly “any fool” could have predicted the failure of a summer counteroffensive by Ukraine, which has no superiority in armor, artillery or air.

Ukraine should have started preparing for defense and building defensive fortifications a year ago.

Russia has no chance of taking over all of Ukraine, but will seize more territory than it has now - Musk

Earlier it was reported that the Democrats of the US House of Representatives want to investigate Ilon Musk’s SpaceX over the use of Starlink by Russian troops in the war against Ukraine.