The national football team of Ukraine is going to Euro-2024

The national football team of Ukraine is going to Euro-2024

The Ukrainian national soccer team has reached the European Championship.

In the decisive match, Serhiy Rebrov’s team defeated Iceland 2-1, losing in the course of the match.

This summer in Germany, Ukrainian football players will compete for the title of the best team in Europe.

This is a great gift for the Ukrainian people who have been suffering for the third year from the Russian invasion.

Also a gift for the Ukrainian military, who defend Ukraine and all of Europe from Russian occupiers and dictator Putin.

Ukrainian soldiers are watching football right in the trenches with weapons in their hands.

President of Ukraine Volodymyr Zelenskyi also congratulated the Ukrainian national team on the victory.

Thanks guys!
Thank you, team!
For overwhelming emotions for the whole country.
For an overwhelming victory and entry to the Euro.
For proving once again: when Ukrainians have a hard time, but they do not give up and continue the fight, then Ukrainians definitely win.
In times when they want to destroy us every day, we prove every day: Ukrainians are and will be!
Ukraine is and will be!
Thank you for the victory!
Glory to Ukraine!