The first day of elections in Russia to the sound of explosions

On March 15, the so-called presidential “elections” began in Russia.

In the morning in the city of Belgorod, bordering Ukraine, sirens sounded about a missile threat.

Local residents publish footage of fires and explosions in the city center.

In Belgorod, due to the missile threat, people who came to vote were forced to leave the polling station and go down to the shelter.

The video shows the moment of the explosion at one of the polling stations in the center of Belgorod.

Russian authorities report that 2 people were injured. Many houses and cars were damaged.

The published videos show the aftermath of the attack on the first day of the election.

And in the Kaluga region of Russia, it is reported that in the morning drones tried to attack an oil refinery.

Elections in Russia are becoming “heated”. People began to set fire to ballot boxes and throw Molotov cocktails at polling stations.