Шойгу вперше з'явився на публіці після заколоту Пригожина

Shoigu first appeared in public after Prigozhin rebellion!

The Ministry of Defense of the aggressor state of the Russian Federation showed the first video of Shoigu after the so-called military mutiny staged by Prigozhin.

Propaganda media reports that he allegedly visited the headquarters of the Zahid group in the war zone.

In the published footage, Shoigu flies in a helicopter and communicates with commander Yevgeny Nikiforov.

This enemy group is currently fighting in the Kupyan direction.

When exactly the video was shot is not specified, a number of Telegram channels report that it took place on June 23, that is, before the military riot.

After Prigozhin rebellion

As is known, during the riot, one of the demands of the leader of the Wagnerites, Prigozhin, was the resignation of Shoigu and Gerasimov.