Russian ship "Sergey Kotov" attacked in occupied Crimea

Russian ship “Sergey Kotov” attacked in occupied Crimea

Russian media reported that the Russian Black Sea Fleet and the Crimean Bridge were attacked at night.

According to preliminary information, another Russian ship, the Sergei Kotov, was attacked and sank.

According to Crimean telegram channels, the Kerch Bridge was also blocked during the attack.

Ukrainian intelligence confirmed that the brand-new ship Sergei Kotov was destroyed as a result of an attack by two unmanned boats.

A video of the moment the Russian ship was destroyed appeared online.

The cost of the Russian ship “Sergiy Kotov” is approximately 6 billion rubles, and the crew consisted of up to 80 people

The ship also had the option of installing modular tactical strike container weapons: Kalibr cruise missiles or Kh-35U Uran anti-ship missiles.

Video. Launching of the Russian ship “Sergiy Kotov”. January 2021.