German Ministry of Defense

German Defense Ministry uses the password “1234”

It became known that the German Ministry of Defense “protected” the comment about Russia’s wiretapping of German officers with the password 1234.

This is reported by Bild.

The press service gave a link to the NextCloud resource, where it posted an audio recording of the minister’s answer to journalists.

The file was protected with a password, but at the same time it was written directly under the link.

The BILD reviewer calls it “preposterous to say the least” amid “the biggest wiretapping scandal in recent years.”

“It remains to be hoped that 1234 and similar passwords will no longer be used in the area of responsibility of the Ministry of Defense,” the journalist writes.

German Defense Ministry uses the password "1234"

Earlier, the head of the Bundestag defense committee, Marie-Agnes Strack-Zimmermann, said that the wiretapping of German officers’ phone conversations has an obvious Russian trace.

According to her, espionage is part of the Russian toolkit of hybrid warfare.

“The fact that conversations are being intercepted is not surprising. It was only a matter of time before it became public,” the politician said.

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