Drones attacked three Russian airfields

Russia’s Defense Ministry reports 53 drone attacks in five regions. It said again that allegedly all the drones were shot down.

More than 40 drones attacked the Rostov region. There is a military airfield there, where a large number of Su-34 fighters and Su-24, Su-24M bombers are based.

Residents of the town of Yeisk in the Krasnodar region said they heard loud explosions and the sound of machine gun fire near the local airfield.

And in the Saratov region of Russia, several explosions were heard over Engels, where Tu-95 and Tu-22 heavy missile bombers are based.

It is from this airfield that the Russian military raises strategic aircraft to shell peaceful Ukrainian cities.

The Ukrainian military has not yet commented on the new massive strikes on Russian airfields.

Videos shot by local residents have been published online.

Information has emerged that at least 6 Russian aircraft were destroyed during the drone attack.

Another 8 airplanes were significantly damaged. About 20 Russian soldiers were killed or injured.

In this video, the author comments on the flight of a drone over Russian territory and is surprised that music is playing.

“A drone with music, have you ever seen such a thing. Strong,” is the commentary on the video.